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On to wilder and happier things kids. And that means picking your jams for your next gay as af party. Or the next time you’re feeling gay af. Which is, hopefully, always. Amirite? As this podcast’s resident DJ (you’re welcome) I’ve decided it’s my place to educate you rascals on the music you need to be listening to. And maybe give you a taste of what I like to jam to at my uber secret shindigs.

Despite all your emails, yes, the Rainbow Redlight Club is still invite only. Sorry ladies.

But, let’s get started on some gay playlist essentials. Kay? Kay.

Tegan and Sara


You had to know this would be first right? The ultimate lesbian music duo is a must on any uber proud playlist. Not to mention remixes of their stuff make for some great club hits if you’re into that kind of party (which I am). These two aren’t afraid of being open about their relationships or blatantly referring to their lady loves, which is great for those of us who don’t feel like having to change pronouns to make a song relevant to us.

Also, who doesn’t love Canadians?

Mary Lambert

Mary Lambert's new album is called Heart On My Sleeve

If you ever need to slow it down at your party, or just give everyone a really good cry, this is the lady for you. She’s got that whole slow, sensual thing going on with some crazy good poetry skills. She’s uber honest and basically just wants everyone to hug it out and cry and live happily ever after. She’s also openly gay. Which is A++



Ever heard of her? Probably not. Not to go all hipster on you guys, but it’s true. This chick is sick. She wears masks and shit constantly to keep herself anonymous for some artisty statement on letting the music speak for itself and yada, yada. She’s got good party music, fo sho. But she won my heart when she depicted a lesbian couple in her music video for “Sensations” (a song about sex, fyi). So now she owns my heart forever. Thanks babe.



Duh. Went to a Halsey concert once and it was practically crawling with girls who looked like they walked straight out of Blue is the Warmest Color. Plenty of girls on dates at this one, even if they were all like 15 years old. Whatever. You do you younglings. But Halsey is a cool cat and openly bi. Her music is also super rad and hot shit right now.

Troye Sivan


A guy had to get on this list eventually, right? Besides the fact that EVERYONE is obsessed with his music right now (and I can’t blame them) the thing that’s cool about this cat is he practices what he preaches. He made a pretty cool trilogy of music videos about two dudes falling in love as kids and having a tough go of it once they hit young adulthood. While we all might be sick of the queer kids killing themselves narrative, Troye used it for good when he provided resources in the video to suicide help lines and donated money for queer youth charities. Right on.

There’s a lot more I could talk about, but I like nice even numbers like 5. Lists are always in 5 or 10 or 15. Something like that. And since I don’t feel like going to 10, you get 5. Comment if you want more, I guess.


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