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Dylan Hysen: Co-Creator, Producer, Director, Editor

Dylan Hysen is a software developer from the Washington DC area. He has been working in podcasting and audio for 10 years, first with the “From the Spirit World” Podcast and now currently at the Overly Animated Podcast. His current favorite shows include Steven Universe and Game of Thrones. He’s an airbender, Hufflepuff, and member of Team Mystic.

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Mel Moyer: Co-Creator, Writer, Producer

Mel Moyer is a writer from Philadelphia with almost 10 years of experience in podcasting. She writes for several online entertainment outlets when not working on creative projects and co-hosts the horror podcast Splatter Chatter. Her favorite shows include Game of Thrones, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Avatar: The Last Airbender. She enjoys crafting her pizza skills and annoying her friends with her pizza blog. She’s a firebender, officially a Hufflepuff (popular opinion has suggested otherwise), and a below average member of Team Mystic.

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Ally Martin: Voice of Abby

Ally Martin is a graduate from SUNY New Paltz and aspiring Japanese translator/teacher from New York. A regular co-host on “From the Spirit World,” Ally has had podcasting and audio experience since 2008, sparking hobbies in singing and voice acting. Her favorite shows include Avatar: The Last Airbender, The Legend of Korra, Steven Universe, Carmilla, and Game of Thrones. Proud Earthbender, Hufflepuff, and Team Mystic member.

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Delaney Stovall: Voice of Morgan

Delaney Stovall is an out and proud lesbian and currently a student at Eastern Kentucky University, majoring in Forensic Science with a minor in Statistics. She joined From the Spirit World during the Legend of Korra era and now is a co-host on Overly Animated. Her current obsessions include Steven Universe, Carmilla, and Supergirl. Delaney is a complete DC fanatic, a Ravenclaw, an earthbender, and a Team Valor trainer.  

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Brit Griffin: Voice of Emily

Brit Griffin is a college student. She also works full time. She is very busy. (Which is why is is on minimal OVA podcasts). She loves to watch bad horror movies on Netflix. Her hobbies include lying in bed on her phone, drinking iced tea, and misplacing her Chapstick. She’s an airbender and Slytherin.

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Sam Quattro: Voice of Eve

Sam Quattro is an artist living in Philadelphia, While primarily working with video and performance in her artwork, she has dipped her toes in other creative endeavors such music, graphic design, writing, and now voice acting. She is old and tired.


Podcast music by Jeff Anderson.

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