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Announcements about “Junction”.

“Junction” is a new LGBTQA audio webseries/audio drama about four girls and a mystery in the desert….
Co-created and produced by Dylan Hysen & Mel Moyer, written by Mel Moyer, directed and edited by Dylan Hysen. With voice talents of Ally Martin (Abby), Delaney Stovall (Morgan), Brit Falcon (Emily), and Sam Quattro (Eve).

This is a slice-of-life, mystery series following four friends during their last summer before college as they podcast about their attempt to find answers for a classmate gone missing in the shadow of a mountain, steeped in local folklore. But personal relationships and blossoming romantic tensions begin to overshadow their goals.

“Junction” will premiere on September 11th at 7pm with the first two episodes. New episodes will then be released every Sunday and Wednesday at 7pm starting on September 18th.

Disclaimer: “Junction” contains strong language and sexual references. It is not suitable for younger audiences.

For extra blog content, visit our website at each week. Episodes will be posted there and on our Youtube Channel. Some Mondays will feature bonus interview episodes, so keep an eye out!

Follow us on Tumblr and Twitter to stay up to date as we reveal information about each of the characters, before our September 11th premiere!