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Okay, so I’m gonna be real with you…I never watched this show. I “watched” it through tumblr, translating some gifsets and crack posts and had a general idea of what was going on. There were some wlw ladies, something dystopian (bleh), kinda had a setting similar to Halo, all that jazz. And then I watched the internet IMPLODE when they killed off one half of said wlw ship, shortly after they reconciled their political (???) differences and did the do. Boom, stray bullet strikes again in a much less subtle and much more poorly written manner over ten years later.

The internet did some not great things, like get vicious and harass some members of the crew and writing team and the producer guy. Love him or hate him, internet harassment is still not the best outlet for getting anything accomplished when something like this happens. But the twelve year olds who learned how to work twitter might disagree with me, who knows. Apart from that though, I have to say, as much as it pains me to express an emotion…I’m actually kind of proud of it all????


Anyway. The point here is in response to the most atrocious attempt at disguising killing off a woman, and a queer woman at that, a bunch of kids on the internet finally got their bunched panties together and did something good with all that energy. They raised a fuckton of money for the Trevor Project and started their own convention about queer representation in the media. Pretty cool right?


I really don’t give a rat’s ass about the next iteration of the sci-fi, dystopian, for-some-reason-teenagers-are-in-charge TV show/film/book/whatever. But it was pretty cool to see genre representation of a wlw relationship right? And when it got taken away for a dumb reason, we really should have an intelligent discussion about it instead of getting nitpicky on twitter and sending some hateful emails. Everyone’s powerful behind a keyboard, but some people actually know what to do with that, right?

I’m not really sure what I’m saying with this one besides good game kids. I wouldn’t recommend this show on my list of Eve’s Gay Shit for Newbies (it was once) but I would say: look at this cool thing that happened in response, right?


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