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Howdy younglings. If you’ve found yourself stumbling onto my blog, congratulations, your life just improved a little. I’m kidding (no I’m not). On the real though, I thought I’d offer some counter blogging to the ever ending paragraphs of academia on other parts of our website…Not that our dear Emily’s blogs haven’t been incredibly informative and overenthusiastic. But I’m hear to give the kids what they really want.



I know we’re a news podcast (ish) and have our journalistic duty and are playing at being the Scooby Gang in the desert. But hey, this is the internet and maybe you’re in the mood for a little freedom of expression right? After all, think of the countless generations of women loving women who had to slog through libraries and archives in secret to get their soul searching on. I’m your one-stop-shop for all that is gay in pop culture.

Or I try to be.

I thought I’d start out this first blog post pretty light with a nice, clean list of things that could be gayer. Which is everything. But specifically, some things that really missed their mark when it comes to going all the way on getting some ladies in love. So enjoy, be enraged, and go write some fanfiction.

Game of Thrones


With the amount of boobies we see in this show, you’d think they’d let some of the ridiculously hetereosexual (and kind of weird) sex scenes fade away into something a little more diverse. DON’T WORRY. THERE’S SEVERAL SCENES OF TWO DUDES MAKING OUT AND DOING THE DO. That’s okay. But six seasons deep and we only recently finally got to see two women making out (thank the old gods and the new for Yara Greyjoy). Here’s to hoping for something more than flirting from Yara and Dany next season. I’m still licking my wounds that Sansa and Margaery will never be a canon couple now.



When you got four badass ladies hunting down ghosts, how can you deny me an amazing ghosthunting girlfriends romantic subplot? COME ON. Kate Mckinnon is the first out female cast member of SNL whose character was very subtly coded as having a serious thing for Kristen Wiig’s character. But that’s as far as it got. I hope this one gets a sequel because I need to see Kate McKinnon at her full (gay) potential.

Jessica Jones


Okay here me out. I don’t really vibe with the romantic lens on Jessica’s relationship with her sister, adopted or not. But I also got absolutely nothing from her weird, unstable relationship with Luke Cage. He’s a solid ally and friend, but there were zero sparks going on there. Get her some kind of superhero girlfriend. I’ve seen fanfiction, it’s 900% doable. Especially after what a scumbag the last romantic partner in her life turned out to be.

Agent Carter


You do not, I repeat, do not kiss your friend as a diversive tactic without having some sort of romantic subplot show up. I’ve seen TV Tropes, I know how this works. You kiss as a cover-up, you get several episodes of unresolved romantic tension. Don’t mess with me Marvel.

There’s more. I can think of like five as I’m writing this. But I have a word limit on this dumb blog template (which I will fix for next time). So for now, adios my friends. I’ll be back with more, don’t you worry.

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